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5 Video Content Types for Marketing Success

We all understand how valuable video content can be when marketing our businesses. Whether it’s looking to engage, educate, or convert your audience, video is likely a main component of your content strategy. Over the past year, I have noticed an increase in the usage of video in places like website homepages, landing pages, social media, email marketing, and blogs. Social Media sites have also contributed to the push of video content across their platforms. 


A recent report from Wyzowl Research, which has published a video marketing trends report each year since 2015, suggests that marketers feel more positive about video’s return on investment than at any point since 2015, as they report an unprecedented level of influence on KPIs such as traffic, leads, sales, and audience understanding. However, understanding the various types of video content available and how they can be used for maximum impact is crucial. Here are five video content types that can significantly boost your brand’s marketing strategy:

Short-Form Video

Short-form videos, usually under a minute in length, have become one of the top types of videos used in digital marketing. With people today having a shorter attention span than ever before, being able to quickly capture someone’s attention, even for just a minute, has changed how brands engage with their audience. This format of video has also received a push from social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram Reels, and Shorts on YouTube. These videos rely on quick, impactful storytelling, trends, humor, and music to gain the attention of viewers. The short format allows for quick consumption and makes it very easy to share across social sites which then drives engagement and increases awareness by reaching new audiences.

Customer Testimonial

Testimonial videos featuring real people sharing their experiences and success stories with your product or service. This helps establish social proof, trust, and credibility among potential customers. When other potential customers witness people benefiting from your offerings, it significantly influences their purchasing decisions. Seeing and hearing a positive experience from a real customer is more persuasive than simply reading text on a website. A study by BrightEdge, a leader in SEO and content marketing, found that video testimonials can increase conversion rates by up to 80% and web pages with videos are significantly more likely to rank on search engine results pages.


Educational/Instructional Video

Providing value to your audience by creating educational or instructional video content establishes your brand as an authority in the field. Whether it’s a “how-to” guide, industry insights, or informative “explainer” tutorials, these videos cater to your audience’s needs, positioning your brand as a trusted source of information. By sharing knowledge and expertise, these videos encourage repeat engagement. In 2022 alone, 70% of marketers created an explainer video and 96% of customers have watched an explainer video to learn more about a particular product or service.


Promotional Video

Promotional videos serve as the cornerstone of a brand’s marketing content by showing off the benefits and value of the product or service. These videos are specifically designed to generate excitement, create awareness, and drive conversions. They are usually a more scripted and polished type of video that focuses on highlighting the unique selling points of the offering so that the audience is persuaded to take action. From showcasing a new product launch to announcing a limited-time offer, promotional videos are versatile, and they serve as an important part of marketing campaigns across social media, websites, and advertising channels. These types of videos are positioned to include the overall brand message of the business and they are created with very specific goals in mind in terms of marketing strategy. 


Interactive and Live Video

Live videos and interactive content offer immediate and engaging ways to connect with your audience. Live streaming allows real-time interaction, where brands can host Q&A sessions, product launches, or live events, creating a space for the audience to participate. Interactive elements like polls, quizzes, or clickable links in videos encourage active engagement, increasing the time viewers spend with your brand. Product demos are often shown in this type of setting to demonstrate how a product or service works in real time. These videos provide a visual narrative that helps potential customers understand things like the features, functionality, and benefits of your offerings. Many brand influencers publish these types of videos. One of the benefits is that you can reach a large pool of your audience without spending much money since streaming across most social media platforms is free. By highlighting how a product or service works in real time, these videos provide a compelling visual narrative that helps potential customers understand the value.


In conclusion, dynamic video content continues to have a major impact on the marketing landscape. People on average watch 3 hours of online video content per day, that’s 21 hours per week. It’s safe to say that video will continue to be a widely used marketing tool and consumer usage will only increase in the future.


You can use these 5 content types for inspiration and there are many more. You can even use AI to help you create videos nowadays. However, the success of these strategies lies in understanding your audience’s preferences, adapting content to suit their needs, and adjusting your approach based on the performance of your content.


About A3 Media

A3 transforms media from an expense into a smart investment. Since 1997, we have successfully helped regional businesses launch new products, expand into new markets and increase sales through media plans that make every dollar spent do more. Our clients include brands such as Yuengling and Ashley Furniture. For more information about how A3 Media can help your digital marketing efforts, please call A3 Media at (610) 631-5500.

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