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What is Micro Market Media®?
What is the benefit of Micro Market Media® buying?
Why did A3 create its own buying methodologies?
Does Micro Market Media® offer any advantage for a large single market client?
Does A3 Media outsource any of the media buying?
Will my planning and placement be handled by a junior member of the A3 Media team?

A: It’s a unique buying methodology A3 developed and perfected during the past 25 years. It enables us to purchase a client’s local or multiple markets (DMA) individually and then stitch them together to create a single master campaign, no matter the sales footprint size of the regional company. It provides equivalent measuring metrics, better placements and rates with a traffic guarantee.

A: We don’t use national rep firms, therefore there are no middlemen. 
We understand and go into each market individually. We have a working relationship with more than 2,000 account executives which allows us to find, monitor and customize a plan in each market that will best suit a client’s needs. By buying locally we deal directly with the source which allows us to negotiate better pricing and conduct thorough campaign monitoring for each markets’ success.

A:  The advertising industry wasn’t designed for regional companies. It was designed for national companies needing total coverage or extremely small companies in a single market. There were no common metrics to measure the success, reach and frequency of multiple markets. And, no fiscal buying advantages for a regional company. Our methodologies have changed both. This allows us to secure better volume buying metrics and create a uniform comparison of measurement.

A:  Absolutely! Micro Market Media® involves unique buying strategies for every facet of a media campaign, whether it’s social, digital, mobile or traditional media. Whether ordered separately or combined, unique beneficial methodologies are applied to every medium, specific to that medium. The benefit is better quality placements, lower pricing and unequaled monitoring.

A:  No! We don’t believe in that business model. With our unique methodologies we have created, there is no other agency that could execute your campaign for you, unless we were willing to give away our secret sauce and we aren’t.

A:  No. All our associates have multiple years in the industry and have also been crossed trained. This ensures your media is properly handled and negotiated.

What happens if the media ordered doesn’t run as contracted?
How does A3 Media guarantee full transparency?
What kind of guarantee does A3 Media offer to their clients?
How often does A3 meet with clients during the planning and buying of our media campaign?

A:  Every single placement is electronically and manually reviewed, so errors are caught. If a placement is run incorrectly for any reason you are guaranteed a suitable and equal replacement, or you will be refunded the cost of the placement after a full audit is completed.

A:  We gladly submit copies of all monthly invoices if you wish or we will compile your entire campaign upon completion and submit it to you for a full audit, either at your office or ours, whichever you prefer.

A:  It’s quite simple. You either get exactly what was contracted, an equal or superior replacement or you get a reimbursement for the portion not fulfilled.

A:  As often as necessary or desired. We believe communication is very helpful and can only make any campaign better by guaranteeing that your team and ours are all on the same page.

Does A3 Media offer creative and design services?

A:  We are a strategic media planning and buying agency. However, we do have sister companies that we work with routinely and will gladly introduce and manage all creative stages if you would like us to assist you in that capacity.

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If you have any other questions, please email us at or call 610- 631- 5500 and ask for Frank personally.

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