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It's work, but we take it personally


How We Work

Trusting us with your media investments is the sincerest form of flattery you can bestow upon us.

We reciprocate that trust by doing what’s right for you,
your brand and your business. At A3 we fully invest in
your success and take your challenges personally.

Working diligently to make your goals a reality, we bring the personal responsibility and accountability back to an industry that has been lacking both.

It’s how we’re wired: We’re type A.

Management Team

Our leadership team has decades of experience on both the supply and agency sides of the industry. Trained in traditional and digital media, our diverse knowledge offers our clients the advantage necessary to achieve their goals.


Being in an industry that changes rapidly, we understand that continued education is a necessity. Each member of the A3 team is required to enroll in additional industry studies every quarter.

Our History

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Our History_Kevin and Someone.png

A3 was founded when business owner, Frank Gussoni, became frustrated with the lack of advertising options available for his regional business.

Not being satisfied, he began searching for better solutions, speaking to and learning from media strategy leaders. Using their advice and wisdom, Frank began advertising his own businesses with significant growth.
The success he realized, soon grabbed the attention of his associates who began soliciting his help for their brands.
In 1995, he was approached by his first major client, the Yuengling Brewery, who requested his services as their media buyer. A3 was born.

Now, nearly 25 years later, the company has grown to represent more than 250 companies, launched new products, introduced national brands and helped small companies become mid-market companies. A3 was instrumental in assisting one retailer grow from its first store to their 500th and has introduced brands in 23 states, setting record breaking industry openings. Based on its original principals, the company continues to evolve and formulate new buying methodologies specifically designed to deliver better results for regional and
mid-market companies.

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