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Media Relationships

At A3 Media we not only prioritize our relationships with our clients, but we also maintain strong relationships with our media vendors. Here we showcase feedback from esteemed industry professionals and valued vendors. As a trusted partner in the media landscape, we pride ourselves on developing meaningful collaborations and connections. Explore testimonials highlighting their experience with our agency. From media suppliers to our network of partners, they consistently applaud our integrity, communication, and ability to deliver outstanding results. Discover why industry leaders choose to partner with us and experience the difference firsthand. Reach out today to learn more about our capabilities and experience in the media industry.

“The work that A3 has done on behalf of their clients far exceeds the typical vendor agency relationship. In 2015 A3 began buying cable horizontally across cable providers. This was a new concept, created by A3. It offered a time saving, cost efficient buying model. A3 asked for multi-market blended impressions versus ratings points. This allows for flexibility in pricing and programming opportunities based on the audience target and goals of the client. Fast forward into the 3rd year and 90% of the agencies in the county do not entertain buying cable horizontally. They continue to buy vertically because it benefits their agency. This is a disservice to the client. Where agencies could pass savings and cost- efficient opportunities onto the client the agencies want to maintain their buying shops. Those buying shops drive additional cost to the client. A3 has found a way to be innovative. They are courageous in their approach to the business. They negotiate on behalf of the client. They have a team of sharp, detail-oriented and client-centric focused team members. It would be refreshing if more agencies would develop an open, transparent buying model and partnership with their vendors. A3 is already making huge strides ahead of the current agency community.”

Donna Sue Marks

National Sales Manager, Via Media Systems

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“I think you are one of the best, top agencies in the country. You don’t find many of you. The large holding groups of the world are nothing but spots and dots…sweatshops. There is no customer focus, need driven bone in their body. It’s all about the numbers which we all know are BS. They don’t care about the results or the client needs. I have so much respect for you, with the knowledge that you have on the industry and knowledge in the marketing-advertising space. You repeatedly secure the best rates and added value. No one…I mean no one sends out an avail request outlined with specifics and expectations. You are precise and no games. I love that about A3.”


Senior Account Executive, Spectrum Reach


“As an OOH vendor, I can honestly say that my dealings and negotiations with A3 are always in the best interest of the client. A3 does a great job of taking time to educate us on the needs and challenges of their clients. This reality of creating close, local relationships with vendors translates into a very focused, value-driven campaign for the client. Comparing this approach to that of a large buying service, where important nuances of the local market could be missed. A3’s evaluation of vendor’s Outdoor database we are intrigued by A3’s recent OOH RFP, which represents a creative and new approach to securing OOH program returns a very favorable and efficient-driven cost per panel/CPM for the advertiser. We are excited about this approach to Outdoor because it is fair to the vendor and provides some timing flexibility, resulting in optimal OOH panel placement and market distribution – directly benefiting the client. A3 excels in this approach.”

Steve Henke

National Sales; Cincinnati, Lamar Advertising Company

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“I have worked with you for nearly 18 years and really appreciate how hard you and your Team work on behalf of your clients. A3 is very thorough from the placement of the buy to the POP and reconciliation process, asking for every single photo upon completion BEFORE you cut Lamar a check for payment. You strategically spend their money and are always asking for the best possible placement and best pricing that would be accepted by Lamar Management. I have a new manager and he was just recalling that when you bought from him in another Media form you were a tough negotiator. You have been a Grand business partner and I sincerely appreciate your BUSINESS.”

David F. Karcher

Account Executive, Lamar

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“We hear agencies tell customers the same thing all the time – whether they deliver on that promise is another matter entirely. A3 delivers! Buying off CPM is not common. There are only a few other clients who purchase this way on a regular basis. It’s not only smart it’s innovative. A3 has a very good makegood process compared to most agencies we deal with. You have a system in place to deal with makegoods weekly once schedules start and are quick to respond to submitted makegoods. We lose very few dollars if any to missed spots. Currently you receive the highest amount of added value or bonus spots available. As a “Key” client we value A3 and the relationship we have. And for rates, you always drive a very hard bargain and unfortunately for us A3 does its homework and checks each line for programming that should not have aired, resulting in credits. A3 does a very good job.”

John Payne

South Eastern SVP of Sales, Spectrum Reach


“I have worked with Frank and A3 for the last four (4) seasons regarding our partnership with Mims. Frank and his team have been a pleasure to work with. They are efficient, creative and responsive and Frank himself is honest and fair and that is all any sports property is looking for, open communication. As someone who has worked in in the sports industry for 28 plus years if your company is looking for an agency to represent the best interests of your organization, I would personally highly recommend Frank and A3 to help you get to the next level and beyond.”

Jim Ballweg

Vice President of Corporate Partnership,
Carolina Panthers


“From an outsider’s perspective, first and foremost, the A3 team’s attention to detail is inspiring and they have a clear understanding of the marketplace. The A3 team negotiates great deals for their clients, and they do it wisely and strategically. Most importantly, they hold their media partners accountable and have high expectations for proof of performance. Pretty simple, but not all do it. Frank and his team do, and they are fantastic people to work with.”

Harvey Shapiro

Senior Account Executive, Comcast Digital & TV


“In my 17-year media career I have not encountered another agency that audits their client’s campaigns and invoices as thoroughly as A3. I have been impressed by your tireless effort to make sure that every commercial purchased runs as ordered (in appropriate programming) to ensure the integrity of the campaign and your client’s budget. We deal with agencies daily that do not have such high business ethics. I know you adjusted and created your buying parameters to measure TV on a CPM basis and no longer on a CPP measurement system. As the video space becomes more about actual impression delivery and data driven insights, your agency evolved the currency you use in building out campaigns. We still have numerous agencies that use Nielsen outdated diary information to determine the fate of their client’s, instead of data driven solutions. You consistently receive our best possible rates and challenge us to deliver the best value.”

Derek Orf

Director of Sales, Time Warner Cable

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“Your new approach to outdoor is very interesting and one of the most creative I’ve experienced in my role as a sales manager. It goes without saying that we do not have the ability to accept a tremendous amount of business that challenges our rates like these do, due to the demand that we have on our inventory. However, your system provides the flexibility needed while implementing very rigid structure to the selection process to successfully implement such a buy. Smart. Kudos for orchestrating a very creative strategy.”

Sandra Szoke

Sales Manager, Adams Outdoor


“I have worked with A3 over the past ten years and I know Cox Media has a great agency/client relationship with A3. You hire a culture and A3 has amazing culture and fantastic relationships and people. They are collaborative, innovative and proactive. They are very cheerful and energetic. Talent rules and A3 has talented people that care about their clients and partners. They are brave, culturally diverse and forward-thinking teams. The agency has a VERY LOW turnover rate, it is better to ask how long people have been at A3, 10, 20, 25 years. That is unheard of in today world. A3 sets expectations from the beginning and that is key to a good partnership. A3 delivers and does a great job with Cox Media and doing all the right things.”

Bill Blake

Sales Manager, Cox Media Group

Cox Media Logo.jpg

“I think Frank and his team do a great job. My feeling is Yuengling’s 2017 OOH was a success because of A3’s thorough and complete work from start till finish. Not only did Frank and his team secure a great campaign which included significant weight and value, but he always watched, and if needed, moved for better opportunities even after the buy was placed. They don’t place a “Set It and Forget It” campaign. I would put A3’s work up against other agencies (local and national) and suggest it is as good if not better than most. The media bought from us was very well negotiated. A buy which yielded great sales results for Yuengling in Philadelphia and the other test markets thus proving the hard work and tedious attention to detail from Frank and the A3 team.”

Matt Clark

VP of Sales, Clear Channel Philly


“One of the biggest qualities an employee can bring to their company is passion. In your case, your company is your name and your reputation are attached to every step you and your employees make on behalf of your clients. It is very rare to find a company or team of individuals who accept such a personal role and willfully integrate into their professions. You and your team are doing what you believe to be best for your clients. This industry is full of paper pushers who drudge their day. A3 is stocked full of professionals who will do everything they can to do what’s best and what’s right to secure a better day tomorrow for your represented companies. What also sets A3 apart from most other agencies is your candor about the client’s goals. If we know and understand the client’s strategic goals (not GRPs or anything else “media” related), that is the single greatest favor you can communicate to partners like us. Having the answers to the test provides us the opportunity to seek new avenues internally within our companies that would align with your strategic vision. Other agencies wall off this information, creating “vendors” not “partners” and think in terms of “GRPs” instead of sales. That’s not how most agencies think, strangely enough. That candor and client knowledge is one of A3’s best strengths. Invoicing is watched like a hawk, so I can’t imagine any agency doing it better. A3’s knowledge of the business, your passion for the industry and your culture for protecting every invested dollar as if it were your own is difficult if not impossible to replicate amongst others in our industry.”

Steven J. Culker

Regional Sales Director, Charter Communications


“One of the things I have always admired about working with you (and your team) is that you are real, genuine, and really concerned about doing the best job possible for your clients. You have consistently been on the forefront of using innovative and new and effective technologies and products to maximize the effectiveness of your clients’ campaigns. I have worked with you for a long time and really appreciate that you have always been frank (great pun, huh???) and transparent with me. That always makes for a better campaign for everyone.”

PJ Reilly

SM of Corporate Relationships, Pandora

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