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Super Bowl Commercials: Which Ones Performed the Best?

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Typically, I’m not particularly interested in football. I lack knowledge of most of the rules, find it tedious to watch, I only know a handful of players’ names and I don’t have a favorite team. However, I do thoroughly enjoy tuning in to the Super Bowl for two specific reasons: the commercials and the halftime show. Given my profession in advertising, I’m consistently intrigued by the narratives being woven, the creative approaches taken, the celebrity cameos, and naturally, I’m curious about which commercials justify the hefty investment made by companies.


Before diving into my personal favorites, let’s examine the viewership and commercial expenditures of the Super Bowl, and how they compare to previous years. In the inaugural Super Bowl of 1967. 24.34 million viewers tuned in, with a commercial placement cost of $37,500. Fast forward a decade to 1977, when viewership surged to 62.05 million, and the average commercial cost was $125,000. Now, let’s shift our focus to this year’s Super Bowl. The price tag for a 30-second spot skyrocketed to a staggering $ 7 million, solely for reservations. Remarkably, the event drew in a massive audience of 123.4 million viewers. Such exposure is unparalleled on any regular day.

Now, let us get into my favorite commercials from this year’s Super Bowl.


The DunKings - Dunkin'


I started with this commercial because, in my opinion, it was the most unforgettable. What made it stand out to me is the fact that it followed a similar theme to one aired last year, yet I believe they managed to surpass it. Notably, the commercial features several familiar faces such as Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez, Matt Damon, and Tom Brady (yes, I know who he is). What I found particularly enjoyable was its playful jab at Jennifer and Ben’s relationship. Even for those unfamiliar with the individuals involved, the essence of Dunkin’ was unmistakable throughout the ad. Whether it was the exaggerated Dunkin’ tracksuits, the prominent Dunkin’ banner, or the subtle inclusion of iced coffee adorned with the Dunkin’ logo, the brand’s presence was prominent. The commercial was a perfect blend of humor, audacity, witty dialogue, and sheer entertainment.


Worth Remembering - Uber Eats


The Uber Eats commercial also stood out as a favorite, thanks to its on-brand subtle messaging and the recognizable green bag featured prominently, a trademark in all their commercials. As a fervent fan of Friends, witnessing David Schwimmer and Jennifer Aniston together in a commercial where she amusingly fails to recall their previous collaboration was truly memorable. Additionally, for those who recently watched the Beckham documentary, the appearance of David and Victoria Beckham was a delightful surprise. The clever tagline, “Whatever you forget,” effectively conveyed Uber Eats’ core offering by emphasizing how the service delivers any overlooked items on your grocery list directly to your doorstep.

Old School Delivery - Budweiser


Who could resist the charm of a commercial featuring a dog and some majestic horses? If you’re not captivated by such a scene, there might be something wrong with you. This heartwarming tale revolves around a man’s endeavor to deliver beer in the midst of a snowstorm, resorting to “old school” methods by harnessing his horses to the task when driving isn’t an option. Upon reaching his destination, obscured by snow, the loyal dog rushes to his aid. While the narrative may stretch the imagination slightly, its message remains clear and impactful: Budweiser will go to any lengths, even braving a snowstorm, to ensure beer reaches its customers. Plus, would it feel like a genuine Super Bowl with a Budweiser commercial featuring a dog and at least one horse?


Hard Knocks: A Dove Super Bowl Film - Dove


I found this commercial notable due to its striking shift in tone throughout its duration. The commercial initially sets a lively, energetic tone, leaving viewers guessing about the product being advertised. However, it swiftly transitions into a poignant, impactful message that deeply resonates with its audience. It conveys a powerful message to young girls about embracing confidence in their own skin through the use of Dove products. While I’ve observed numerous Dove commercials featuring women emerging from the shower, applying lotion, and expressing their admiration for the product, it’s refreshing to witness such a prominent company seize this unique opportunity to connect with a younger demographic and convey a compelling message.


Dina & Mita - Doritos


Every year, Doritos treats us to amusing, light-hearted commercials during the Super Bowl. First, we witness two hilariously exaggerated grandmas engaging in a comical battle over a bag of Doritos. Next, we’re thrust into a wild car chase involving an actual car and the two grandmas, who appear to be riding electric scooters. Then, the scene escalates into an over-the-top fight sequence, complete with a surprise appearance by a random baby, culminating in the grandmas ziplining out of a window to tackle the man with the Doritos. The ad concludes with a tagline that perfectly encapsulates the brand’s essence and complements the commercial’s theme: “Go ahead, try us.” Who could resist the charm of a Doritos commercial featuring grandmas engaging in outrageous antics over a bag of chips?


Regrettably, I’m not affiliated with the companies that aired commercials during the Super Bowl, so I can’t determine whether the investment in those commercials paid off or resulted in increased revenue. One thing I can confirm is the Dunkin’ tracksuits sold out within seconds of being posted online after the Super Bowl. What was your favorite Super Bowl commercial, and don’t you think it would be intriguing to witness the behind-the-scenes process when these commercials were being pitched?


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