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Shows To Binge Watch This Summer

Please note that some of these shows ended over the past few years, others are still on the air and not all seasons are available on streaming services.

  1. Grace and Frankie – Grace and Frankie besides hating each other have one thing in common; their husbands are partners together at a divorce law firm. That is until their husbands announce that they are more than just partners, they are in love with each other and want a divorce. As their world comes to a crumble at 70 plus years of age, they must learn to lean on each other as they begin a new chapter in their lives.

  2. Dead To Me – Jen’s husband was suddenly killed in a random hit and run car accident and she is determined to find who did it. Judy has also recently suffered a loss of her own. The two random women meet in a support group and despite the fact that their personalities are opposite of one another, become unlikely friends. As they bond over bottles of wine and late-night phone calls, Judy desperately tries to hide a horrible secret from Jen that will destroy Jen’s life as she knows it.

  3. Umbrella Academy – On a random day in 1989, 43 infants are inexplicably born to random women who showed no signs of pregnancy when the day started. An eccentric billionaire Sir Reginald Hargreeves travels around the world to attempt to adopt the children. Reginald manages to adopt seven of them and uses his children to create The Umbrella Academy. All seven children have superpowers like no other and Reginald is on a mission to train them up to save the world.

  4. How to Get Away with Murder – Annalise Keating a brilliant criminal defense attorney and professor teaches a class called How to Get Away with Murder. Every year, Annalise selects five students from her class to help her on her actual cases. Along with her two colleagues, Annalise and her students get mixed up in a horrible series of murders, mysteries and secrets that could land them all in jail.

  5. Orange Is the New Black – Piper Chapman carried one suitcase full of drug money across the world one time ten years ago and now being sentenced to a women’s minimum-security prison. Chapman is forced to adjust her new life behind bars. Based on a book of the same name, Orange is the New Black takes us through the struggles of all these women’s lives in and outside of the prison.

  6. Lucifer – Lucifer, the once fallen angel, now ruler of Hell has decided it is time for a break. Lucifer takes a little trip to Earth and indulges in his new favorite things, women, alcohol and working with an LAPD detective, Chloe, to solve local murders. Lucifer is now faced with all the challenges that comes with living on Earth including seeing humans in a new light, discovering new feelings such as sympathy and possibly even love. But he also must face his own reality; eventually he must return to his throne in Hell.

  7. The Good Doctor – Dr. Shaun Murphy is a little different from his fellow surgeons; he is autistic. But he also has savant syndrome which provides him with a different way of thinking in order to treat his patients. Unable to connect with the world around him Shaun must find ways to overcome the skepticism of his colleagues, learn to talk to patients in an appropriate manner, and work with his colleagues in a way that doesn’t make him feel uncomfortable.

  8. The Crown – King George VI is sick and dying and must prepare his daughter Elizabeth for the throne with little time he has left. At the age of 25 after her father’s death, Queen Elizabeth II ascends to the throne and begins to deal with the responsibilities, the political drama, traditions, relationships and historical events that come with being the Queen. The show starts in the 1940s and leads all the way to modern times and gives an inside look into the life of Queen Elizabeth II.

  9. Locke & Key – The Locke children have just lost their father in a tragic murder and their mom is forcing them to move to their father’s childhood home. Upon arrival the Locke children discover hidden keys within the house that have magic abilities. But with each key they discover, more and more of their father’s past is revealed to them. Now they must figure out what all these keys and secrets have to do with their father’s death.

  10. Inventing Anna – Anna Sorokin aka Anna Delvey is a Russian born girl in her 20s that comes to New York and cons people into believing that she is a German heiress with access to a substantial trust fund. She uses her lies to receive hundreds of dollars in funds, clothes and accessories. Anna uses her newfound status to con a high-powered banker to loan her money to open an exclusive art-themed club. Based on a true story, this docuseries follows a reporter that uses her interviews with Anna’s “friends”, her interviews with Anna herself to reveal the truth about who Anna Delvey really is.

Whether it’s chilling over the weekend, a rainy work night or a beautiful day on the beach, streaming binges always fit the day and are a great way to unwind and relax.


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