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Elevating Your Social Media Marketing: What Consumers Expect in 2023!

There are a wide range of positive and negative impacts when it comes to the use of social media. However, when it comes to marketing and promoting your business, it’s a necessary part of the strategy. With nearly 5 billion users worldwide, its ability to connect brands with consumers in a personal and engaging way has transformed the way businesses promote themselves. As the digital world continues to evolve, so do consumer expectations of social media marketing. In this article, we will look at the shifts in consumer expectations and how businesses can adapt to meet their demands.


One of the most significant changes in consumer expectations over the past few years has been the demand for authenticity. Today’s consumers want real, relatable, and authentic experiences directly from the brands they follow. Consumers are more likely to engage with content that feels genuine and transparent.

They also expect the brands they support to share their values and operate ethically. Sustainability and social responsibility are important topics as well. Businesses that show authenticity in their social media marketing are more likely to build trust and loyalty among their audience.

Personalized Experiences

Another key expectation from consumers is the desire for personalized experiences. Consumers expect brands to understand their individual preferences and needs. This means that generic, one-size-fits-all social media strategies are no longer as effective.

Businesses can use data and technology to deliver personalized content and offers. Social media algorithms play a role in this process by analyzing user behavior and interests to then deliver a tailored feed of content to each individual. Customer service tools like chatbots and AI messaging are helping to provide real-time assistance, enhancing the overall customer experience.

User Generated Content

Consumers trust their friends, family, and coworkers more than they trust branded content. They want to see real people using and benefiting from your product or services. Encouraging your customers to share their experiences, reviews, and testimonials through UGC can really make a difference. Whether it’s photos, videos, or blog reviews, when consumers see others like them endorsing your brand, it builds more trust and credibility. Incorporating UGC into your social strategy is a good way to meet consumer expectations for authenticity and engagement. When done right, it can help your brand connect with your audience.

Video Content

Video has been the top form of content on social media for the past couple of years. Consumers prefer video because it’s engaging, easy to consume, and allows for visual storytelling in a way people understand. Brands that incorporate video into their social media marketing strategies tend to capture more attention and engagement.

Consumers expect a variety of video content, from short-form clips on platforms like TikTok and Instagram Reels to longer, informative videos on YouTube. To meet these expectations, businesses should invest in their video and storytelling capabilities to deliver content that their audience will remember.


With the majority of social media engagement happening on mobile devices, a mobile-first mindset is essential. Consumers expect content that is not only visually appealing but also mobile-friendly. Brands should optimize their social media posts, ads, and websites for mobile devices to provide a seamless user experience.

Smartphones and social media are two products that U.S. consumers enjoy making the most of, meaning that mobile social media usage is commonplace and is how most American users get their online social fix.

Two-Way Communication

Social media is no longer just a broadcasting platform; it’s a two-way communication channel for consumers and brands. Consumers want brands to engage with them in meaningful conversations and they want to share their experiences, issues, and opinions. This means responding to comments, messages, and feedback promptly is expected.

Businesses that excel in social media marketing are those that listen to their audience and use their feedback to improve products and services. They also use social media as a tool for customer support and resolving issues or for things like announcements, contests, and promotions. With all of the information out there, your content needs to stand out. Consumers want content that educates, entertains, or solves their problems.

Meeting consumer expectations is always a challenge, but it can also be an opportunity. To succeed in the social media marketing landscape, businesses must continue to adapt and update their strategies with the times. In a year or two there will be new expectations, new platforms, new forms of content, and so on. Remember, staying tuned to consumer preferences is the key to your continued success. Happy marketing!


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