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Do You Really Need to Spend Every Dime?

As I am wrapping up and reconciling a buy for one of our clients here at A3 Media, I am reminded of what I was taught earlier in my career by past employers and companies. That number one rule has always been in our business of Advertising, “spend the entire amount of the clients budget no matter what! The more we spend, the more we can bill”. But not all companies use this model and it’s refreshing.

If I were the owner of an advertising agency, I would like to hear that we are billing off a higher number. But then again, do I want longevity or am I going to have to find new clients every 2 to 3 years because our clients aren’t staying long?

Inevitably in most campaigns, there will be some spots that are bumped or fail. Is what you are being offered to replace this fallout equal to or better than the original spot or are you just spending the client’s budget? In this case, due to overselling by one of our vendors, spots were missed and what was being offered as a makegood never met the quality of the original spots. There was an opportunity to use that money but A3 felt it wouldn’t have had any benefit for the client.

Spending money wisely is the key to our success here at A3 Media. If it doesn’t make sense and won’t benefit our clients, it’s not spent and returned to the client at the end of the campaign.

A3’s business model is unique in many ways. The spending of our client’s money is highly scrutinized by us internally. After much research from our team and working in collaboration with our clients, our buys are placed. These buys are watched and managed very carefully to ensure what we purchased actually runs. In a perfect world there would never be any fallout. If you’re familiar with most business models for media, it seems spots and impressions are endless, right up until you are bumped for the higher-paying customer.

We always would prefer that what we purchased runs, but we are not on the execution side of the spot. Doing the right thing over making a buck is where it should start, then maybe longevity with your clients will follow. Wouldn’t you like to know that your advertising dollars are handled with such care? Find out more about us at


About A3 Media

A3 transforms media from an expense into a smart investment. Since 1997, we have successfully helped regional businesses launch new products, expand into new markets and increase sales through media plans that make every dollar spent do more. Our clients include brands such as Yuengling and Ashley Furniture. For more information about how A3 Media can help your digital marketing efforts, please call A3 Media at (610) 631-5500.

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