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A3 Media Launches SocialShelf® at Select Harris Teeter Stores


June 13, 2022

TROOPER, PA: Frank Gussoni, Co-Owner and CEO of A3 MediaCo, LLC. is proud to announce the use of SocialShelf® in Harris Teeter Supermarkets, based in Matthews, North Carolina. “We are extremely delighted to be working with Harris Teeter, a subsidiary of The Kroger Company!” The ninety-day market test is due to begin in mid-June at 14 Harris Teeter stores in Charlotte, NC.

This test period is the third market, SocialShelf® is being implemented in and the second grocery chain to use the service. SocialShelf® was piloted in GIANT Food stores in December of 2021. In addition to running trial service periods in grocery locations, this new technology has also been executed in one of New Jersey’s largest chain alcohol locations, Bourbon Street Wine & Spirits. Currently Social Shelf is in negotiations with a large retailer to begin monetizing its platform in their more than 150 stores in several states, in their alcohol aisles, starting in the fourth quarter of 2022.

SocialShelf® is an in aisle and ecommerce consumer engagement tool, built to supply shoppers with relevant information on smaller and mid-size brands, before making their final buying decision. It’s like having a knowledgeable salesperson in every aisle.

“Nothing is forced on the consumer or intrusive in anyway,” says, Gussoni. “It’s on demand and very social in nature. It’s not meant to be slick or salesy.” SocialShelf® allows a brand to speak to a consumer one on one and deliver authentic differentiating information that brands want potential consumers to know, before making their buying decisions.

“I believe retailers will welcome the opportunity for the brands on their shelves to speak to shoppers and share product details. With so many product options available, consumers are curious and appreciate having more information before making their purchase.”

SocialShelf® is A3’s answer to a quest Gussoni has been on for more than a decade. To create an affordable advertising resource that builds brand loyalty and allows smaller quality companies to compete with larger national brands, while only paying for actual results. For retailers that utilize the Social Shelf service in their stores, Gussoni offers the opportunity to gain greater insights on consumer shopping patterns as well as providing additional consumer data. “The data provided to retailers using the service allows them to track customer flow, shopping behaviors and customer interests all on a daily or product basis” said Gussoni.

“We decided to jump into the hardest category right out of the gate, alcohol. With it being so competitive and heavily regulated, if we can make it there, we believe we can make it everywhere in retail.” “Utilizing what we learn from these beta tests, will help us walk before we run.”

For additional brand or retailer information, please contact A3 Media, at or 855-466-8584. Learn more at


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