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Data Analysis Manager

Jeff Colucci

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I’ve been working in accounting, business management and analytics since 1993. I love to learn and strive to accept new challenges which lead me to A3. That drive gives me the ability to assist in many areas. I love continuing my education, learning the newest industry advances. My lovely wife tolerates her three musicians. I’ve played drums professionally for more than 35 years and love it. Our oldest son is becoming quite a talent and my youngest is presently practicing two instruments and loves music as much as the rest of the family. It’s a family thing.

Favorite Past Time: I enjoy spending time with my kids.

Superpower: Invisibility I think would be the best superpower. When my wife is yelling for me or my kids are looking for me for money, I could check out.

Movie Quote: “Well Louis, I’m really not ready for a relationship right now. I’ll call you. Is your number still 911?”

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