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Business Development Manager

Harvey Shapiro

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Including my years in college, I have enjoyed 35 years in media sales. I am fortunate to have chosen a career that I love. I have sold, print, radio, and the last 20 years selling video for a major corporation. I have also been fortunate to work with a wide array of clients. I have worked with small accounts, side by side with business owners, who not only wear many hats, but actually all the hats. I have also worked with extremely large businesses who dive into data, metrics, audiences and other KPI’s.  Blending these two levels of clients has given me the balance to understand the importance of attribution models utilized by all types of clients.

Over the years I have coached 60 youth sports teams, which constituted over 1000 games and over 4000 practices. I have coached teams that have won championships and teams that came in last, but the goal was always the same; make sure every child developed and learned life lessons.

Favorite Quote: When a tiger dies, he leaves his skin, when a person dies they leave their name.

Favorite Way To Spent Free Time: Golf, BBQ, Sporting events, Beach with family and friends and of course hanging with my rescue dog Frankie.

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