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Social Media Manager

Bob Freas

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I joined the team here at A3 after spending 19+ years directing marketing efforts in the healthcare and fitness industry. I’m well versed in web content management and graphic design, but my main area of expertise is in social media marketing and advertising. I really enjoy reading, learning, and I try to gain knowledge with every opportunity. I currently hold several certifications in search, digital marketing, and SEO. Staying current with social media and communications are important areas of interest to me.

My personal hobbies include following all the Philadelphia sports teams, collecting vinyl records, watching documentaries, and listening to music and podcasts. I enjoy spending time with family and friends relaxing, traveling, sampling new beers, and eating pizza.

Fun Fact: I’m a novice guitar player and I also like to produce my own beats.

Favorite Past Time: Sitting down with a cold beer, putting on a good record, and just chillin’.

Favorite Quote: “Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen” – Michael Jordan

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