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New Micro Market Strategy on Out-of-Home

Utilizing Run of Choice, ROC™ Lifts Brand Voice and Sales While Decreasing Budget

“Two days in Tampa and can seriously say have never seen a more impactful placement of OOH in any market. Most accounts I went into referenced the LL OOH before we mentioned it. Accounts think it’s a new product just like OOH is supposed to work. Great job by A3.”

Chad McLaughlin
Chief Marketing Officer, J.J. Taylor Company

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Executive Summary

Our client was interested in increasing their exposure with Out of Home advertising over the previous year to promote two of their most prominent brands. Their intent was for their creative to be displayed on billboard advertising in 17 key large markets. The brand approached A3 Media for solutions that would amplify their message while decreasing their Out of Home budget from the previous year.


  • Increase reach and frequency rates with billboard advertising

  • Raise Out of Home (OOH) Share of Voice (SOV) levels by +25%

  • Decrease media costs by -5%

  • Increase sales lift by +5%


By thoroughly investigating the OOH options in all 17 markets identified by the client, A3 Media gathered a complete list of Out of Home inventories in each of the specified markets and evaluated them against the client’s criteria for their campaign. We then applied our “Run of Choice” ROC™ unique buying methodology to each market’s inventory list to ensure our client would achieve the exposure they wanted within the budget that they had allocated. Using a ten-point qualifying metric system, DOmedia software and Google, the buys were placed accordingly.

Media Results

Sales Results

By applying our unique buying methodology, ROC™ to the media planning and buying strategy, the outcome in each of the 17 markets was highly successful.  As compared to the outcomes of the OOH campaign from the previous year, A3 Media increased the client’s overall campaign exposure by +24% reach and +44% frequency. These substantial increases were also accomplished by reducing the client’s costs by -12%.

With the savings, A3 was able to increase the number of billboards by +18% and extend the total board months by +50% over the previous year. ROC™ provided a better mix of boards than traditional buying methods would have and satisfied the major objectives of the client by not only increasing SOV but also decreasing overall spend.

During this campaign, the client set a company-wide sales goal of +5% YOY. While each market’s increase varied, every market posted gains during this period. The gains ranged from +6.9% to +12.7% with the company average surpassing +10%.


A3 Media achieved the client’s goals of expanding the impact, duration, reach and frequency of their client’s OOH campaign. The campaign also allowed the client to not only meet but exceed their increased sales goals by +100%.

The application of the ROC ™ proprietary methodology for the OOH planning process was essential to achieving these results. The key to effective OOH advertising is to adopt a strategy that results in the purchase of high-quality billboards that collect the greatest reach and frequency. For mid-market brands, the strategy must include knowing how and when to utilize OOH and its proper balance within a media mix.

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