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Micro Market Media® Overcome Budgetary Restraints

Allowing market research and facts direct a campaign, instead of preconceived notions, generates 1000% increase!

"We had over 4,000 hits in one day, That’s like a 3,000% increase!"

Brenda Beltram

Director of Multimedia Communications

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Executive Summary

This Pennsylvania agricultural association has been facing challenges, particularly from the Millennial and Gen Z populations. While truly being a very green organization, the younger generations have perceived that alternative newer products derived from soy, almonds, and cashews are better for the environment.


The association determined that a public service campaign targeted directly at the younger Mils and Z’s is necessary to alter false perceptions and build awareness and credibility



  • Target adults in Pennsylvania between the ages of 21 and 45.

  • Build environmental integrity.

  • Drive website traffic to learn more about the association’s green initiatives.


  • Client wanted to target the entire state of Pennsylvania with a very limited budget.

  • Client wanted to gain traction between a two- and four-week campaign.

  • Client’s internal marketing team wanted to continue existing media placements, that proved unsuccessful.

  • Client’s team requested too many mediums, which were financially unobtainable.

  • Their website had generated little to no traffic for the past 18 months.


  • After initial meetings were held, A3 initiated its 3T research strategy, researching media audiences, socioeconomic levels of adults 21 – 45, and personal behavioral patterns of the same group.

  • A3 investigated media opportunities throughout the state to determine which mediums were most feasible from an audience and cost basis. All traditional and digital elements were considered.

  • A3 determined the best strategy was to concentrate on the largest urban markets only and not the entire state’s population, Pittsburgh, Harrisburg, and Philadelphia. There simply was insufficient budget.

  • Originally A3 had recommended a three-medium campaign, two in the digital space and out of home.

  • Due to the lack of creative elements available and the extremely short window.

  • A3 implemented a two-week campaign utilizing programmatic video and mixed FEP TV Plus, concentrating on frequency over reach.


Visits to their website increased by the thousands each week, over year-to-year levels.

  • Within the first two days, web traffic increased by 293%.

  • By the end of the first week, web traffic had increased by 541%.

  • Campaign concluded with more than a 1000 % lift in web traffic.


The Association was extremely pleased by the positive “buzz” created within the state with the targeted audience and its own association members. 

By the client relinquishing preconceived notions and allowing A3’s methodologies to work for them, proved to be a very smart decision and shattered expectations.

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