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In Media, The Rates Are The Rates. Right? Not Even Close!

Micro Market Media methods, 3T, ROC® and URN®, prove that all rates are not the same.

Executive Summary

A3 Media is the agency of record for a large multi-billion-dollar regional client. During an annual planning meeting, this client determined that alternative media outlets, other than their typical digital outlets needed to be tapped to continue expanding their share of voice and continue to propel their growth. 


80% of the client’s sales are generated from 25% of their franchisees. With those franchisees holding the keys to future sales, the client needed to find a way to expand their share of voice and continue to increase their growth.  After careful consideration and exploration, A3 suggested three traditional mediums utilizing A3’s patented and registered Micro Market Media Methodologies.  A3 recommended out of home, cable, and radio… but with a twist.


  • Increase sales in the largest sales markets and create an even greater lift (24 markets total)

  • Create brand domination in every major market, during key sales cycles, (16 weeks) 

  • Utilize a minimum of 30 billboards for the entire cycle, 800 points on cable, and 200 points in prime-time radio spots, per market. 

  • Satisfy their largest franchisees advertising concerns and gain additional budget investments.​​


  • Since all these markets are very large cities, media was going to be expensive.

  • Imperative that out of home be purchased right or the balance of the plan would not be possible to complete.

  • Internal ad buying was on a national buying level, primarily social and digital properties.

  • Current strategy blanketed all markets equally.

  • Client believed that budget restraints would impede the implementation of the A3 concept. 

  • Accomplishing the reach necessary in all three mediums with the budget allotted, would require unique strategies and negotiations.

  • Client believed that Micro Market Media® would not create enough savings to expand desired plan.


  • A3 recommended the client still invest in its digital and social media, companywide.

  • A3 recommended buying the largest markets individually and not mixing them with all other markets. 

  • The priority order recommended was out of home, followed by cable and then radio.

  • 100% of each market’s budget would be spent locally in that market, and not combined.

  • Only markets where budget goals could be achieved would be purchased. Unsuccessful markets would continue with current in-house media strategies and placements. 

  • A3 offered to do all necessary market media research and negotiations at no additional cost to ensure the client that the approach was feasible. 

  • A3 deployed its 3 Tier research investigation in every market.

  • A3 deployed its 10-point registered ROC® strategy for out of home and its 6-step URN ® methodology for cable.

  • A3’s team contacted over 250 local media account executives and engaged each in conversations.

  • The client was pleased with the due diligence of A3 and the results that the Micro Market Media methodologies provided. The approval was given to finalize and implement all buys on behalf of the client, as negotiated.


  1. Utilizing A3’s out of home ROC ® methodology, we were able to secure the client MORE boards for MORE board months than the client requested with substantial savings.

  2. Savings significant enough to then deploy A3’s URN® methodology to purchase cable TV for their key 16-week sales season.  

  3. The cost efficiency of URN® left enough budget for A3 to then secure 12-week radio buys in the Client’s top 18 markets.

  4. Final sales lift during this 16-week period was a net gain of 8% increase in sales.


Had ROC® OOH buying process not been as successful as it was, there would not have been enough budget remaining to proceed with the cable buys using URN® or the radio buys.  A3’s buying processes enable clients’ budget to go further and create higher reach and frequency. Enclosed is a list of the results in some of the larger markets.

16 Week Out of Home Buy Summary

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