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Client Over Orders Inventory and Still Runs Out!

Disruptive Alternatives Generates Record Sales in Highly Competitive Market on a Tight Budget

“I heard about that stunt you pulled at the wholesaler meeting. You had them order too much Light Lager and once it’s shipped we can’t recall it, if it doesn’t sell through!“

Richard Yuengling

Owner, Yuengling Brewery

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Executive Summary

A3 Media’s long-time client, D.G. Yuengling & Son Inc., was planning to enter and launch for the first time, two brands in the state of Ohio. The launch would begin with the availability of their largest selling product, Yuengling Traditional Lager as well as a less known product, Yuengling Light Lager. The brewery commissioned A3 Media to lead the expansion which would introduce the two brands in the state via multiple media channels in a two-phase media roll out.


  • Generate name brand awareness

  • Gain substantial market share

  • Generate more traction for Light Lager than previously accomplished in other states


The state of Ohio already brought strong competition from several popular and well-established national lager brands; Coors, Miller and Budweiser. That year alone in Ohio, these brands cumulatively spent nearly $84,000,000 in advertising.  A number 30 times higher than our client had to invest.

In addition, the client moved the launch date up, which only provided the agency with twelve weeks to research, strategize, negotiate and execute the campaign for the entire state. They also allocated only 20% of the budget to Light Lager, 80% was allocated to Traditional Lager.


Rather than try to compete in the same media arenas as the larger brands, A3 Media researched the market for unique and alternative forms of media. First, the media campaign needed to be designed to capture the attention of the target audience through alternative methods and utilize media placements that were more innovative and creative. The second phase then followed with traditional media outlets.

After a vigorous conversation with the Client, A3 convinced them to dual brand all creative with both Yuengling’s Traditional Lager and Yuengling Light Lager to increase the exposure for both brands.

The First Phase (Pre-Launch), included the use of out-of-home placements with silhouette bottle outlines and large question marks. A month later the creative was replaced with dual branded ads. 
A3 media started by contracting the state’s entire train and transit system, turning the exteriors of the stations into multi story billboards. This was a first for the state.

Then A3 selected solar street powered refuse / recycling kiosks in the busiest and most influential entertainment sections of the largest cities throughout the state. The “Pre-Launch” campaign also included, specifically choreographed digital GPS truck routes
and a high-profile six story monument advertisement adjacent
to Cleveland Browns Stadium. There was also a social media sweepstakes ran with many of the larger retailers, who guaranteed the brands additional shelf space.

The Second Phase (Brand Awareness), concentrated on reinforcing the brand, by telling Brand’s story through more traditional advertising mediums such as; cable and network TV, radio and
digital ad platforms.

In a final bold maneuver A3 requested that all wholesalers increase their initial Light Lager orders by nearly 100%.


Within the first ninety days of the campaign, the campaign not only exceeded the expectations for rapid brand awareness, but also significantly surpassed the sales expectations of the client and their Ohio wholesalers.

In the first six weeks of the campaign, the three breweries that produce Yuengling Traditional Lager were barely able to keep up with demand for the product and all three facilities completely sold out of the Yuengling Light Lager brand.

Ohio became Yuengling’s largest Light Lager market and continues to sell nearly 38% of the entire company’s inventory today.


Despite a smaller budget by comparison to that of the competition, A3 Media’s strategies were able to assist our client in achieving their goals of initiating brand awareness and obtaining substantial market share.

The bold creative and media choices amplified the brand’s voice and created the desired consumer demand. Skillful negotiations by A3 media gave our client more media buying power. As a result, the campaign was extended over a longer period and included additional media placements. It gave the impression of a much larger media investment than it was and was ranked as the 8th best state launch for beer in the history of the brewing industry.

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