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When More is Definitely Less!

There are numerous articles and data that state repetitive advertising works. This type of advertising is called “the mere exposure effect”. This means that the more we view and hear the ad, the more comfortable we may become and might develop a preference for that brand or product resulting in a sale. What we see as a problem that seems to be getting worse are the repetitive ads showing the SAME ad, over and over again in the same 2-minute commercial break. Before you get all worked up, I already know what your argument will be about “Brand Awareness”. Yes, of course, please take a seat. But at what point can you get that message across before it starts to work against that advertiser? Maybe I am not the norm, but just because I might recognize the name of a product or service, doesn’t mean I’ll purchase it. I agree after seeing these non-stop ads that I became aware of this brand, but now I am annoyed, and that awareness has turned into anything but becoming more comfortable or developing a preference. When I purchase products or services, I do my own research, this will dictate how I spend my money. How many kitchen remodeling, car dealer, and window replacement ads can one endure?

It’s a typical morning in our house, my wife and I are bumping into each other in the kitchen around the coffee pot, the TV is on and it’s the news. There are a few things we can count on during this time. We will see the same 3-4 ads multiple times in those 30-45 minutes, our dog will ask to go outside and then quickly back in every 2 minutes, and we will talk about how much we dislike these advertising spots and the negativity of the news. So, it’s not just me feeling this way. It’s like a political season every day of every year!

The average commercial break is 2.5 minutes long. It is during these breaks that it’s not uncommon to see at least two different advertisers that will use the same creative spot in the break. Why not make it interesting? Tell a story, and keep the viewer and listener engaged. I never see those ads during the early mornings. It’s just on repeat.

These advertisers need to develop a better perception of the brand. This type of overkill reminds me of that bride and groom who add an additional hour of open bar after a 4-hour reception. Do you really think that is a good idea? It most certainly won’t bring out the best in people.

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