Online Sports Betting

  • 12-15MM Americans were active online sports bettors in 2017 outside of the US
  • 72% of sports bettors prefer a legal US operator vs. offshore
  • 75% of gamblers are men and 29% of the sport betting males have a higher than average HH income of $100k
  • 100MM online bingo players 80% are women
  • 44% of sports bettors are under age 35 and after the age of 44 gambling significantly decreases
  • Adults 35-49 prefer online betting over brick and mortar casinos and nearly half of adults 18-34 consider brick and mortar casinos ‘depressing’
  • Mobile wagering accounts for more than 50% of sports betting volume

Core casino players are older and have plenty of disposable income.

Core casino players are older and have plenty of disposable income. They enjoy the traditional games of chance such as slots, roulette and black jack. Core casino players are generally suspicious of mobile financial transactions, so they prefer brick and mortar gaming clubs. On the contrary, younger generations such as the Millennials, prefer online games of skill. There has been recent success with attracting Mils to a new skill-based slot machine which replicates the video gaming model they grew up playing. While this provided a slight increase in attracting Millennials into casinos, 50% still claim to feel “depressed” when walking into these brick and mortar operations.

The recent strike down of PASPA has legalized government sponsored sports betting and provides states with an additional stream of public income. Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey are among the first states to capitalize on this opportunity.

Sports gamers are primarily men under the age of 35.

Sports gamers are primarily men under the age of 35. Unlike the typical in-house gambler, online sports bettors have a higher than average household income and are highly educated. The majority of NHL gamblers are of Hispanic or Latin descent. Females account for less than 30% of the gambling population. The dilemma for the casino industry is that you need all these gamers to survive and thrive. The bright side to these polar demographics is that they are at your fingertips. You simply need to have the right hook and bait.

To succeed, your advertising efforts need to combine generational appropriate messaging with smart media placement. You need a partner with the experience and proven record of success who has the knowledge and ability to lead your online sports betting platform to fast success. The competition is fierce, so in-depth research and intelligent cross generational decision-making is essential.

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