Twitter Escalates Viewability Standards for Advertisers

The minimum standards for counting a standard ‘view’ for online video ads has long been a sore subject for Advertisers. The IAB, which sets the standard requirements for the digital ad industry, states an ad that has been viewed for 2 seconds can count as a legitimate ‘view’, meaning anything less than 2 seconds would not justify paying for that ad.

What’s a viewable ad?

Active View metrics” have been created in compliance with industry standards for measuring the viewability of online ads, as developed by the Media Rating Council(MRC). According to MRC guidelines, the standard for measuring the viewability of ads are as follows:

  • A display ad is counted as viewable when at least 50% of its area is visible on the screen for at least 1 second. 
    • Note: For large display ads of 242,500 pixels or more, the ad is counted as viewable when at least 30% of it’s area is visible for at least 1 second.
  • A video ad is counted as viewable when at least 50% of its area is visible on the screen while the video is playing for at least 2 seconds”.

The good news for marketers is that Twitter announced that it will be stepping forward and raising the viewability bar. They have created a setting in their paid ad platform source that allows advertisers to not pay for an ad viewed less than 6 seconds.

“On Monday, Twitter announced the new method of bidding on ads, which lets advertisers set a goal of getting viewers to watch for at least 6 seconds. If a viewer scrolls away from the promoted video before the 6 seconds are up, the advertiser doesn’t pay”.

This is great news for advertisers, not only because they feel more info from ads can be absorbed within 6 seconds vs. 2, but research has shown that 6 seconds has evolved into a popular spot length for online video. “Brands can apply the 6-second minimum to videos that are up to 15 seconds in duration. If videos are longer than 15 seconds, the brand has to rely on a lower viewability standard.” For other Twitter advertisers that only air a 6 second spot, it will mean their entire video was seen and justify fair payment.  

Either way you look at this Twitter is definitely giving advertisers a win here.