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Everyone who wants to start their own business, knows that a website is very important when it comes to getting their brand out there on the web. With so many website builders out there, many people find a tutorial or two online, build their site, and there you have it, but is it really that easy for just anyone to build a WordPress website? Does a person have to have a background in code development to successfully build a WordPress website, and not worry about it breaking?

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a content management system, or CMS for short, that helps bloggers and webmasters edit content on a regular basis without the need to use a traditional HTML editor software.


This sounds easy right? It can seem very straight forward. You get your WordPress website up and running with the perfect theme, download a ton of plugins that make your site look cool, and send all your clients to your website. While having a background in web development, I have a ton of my entrepreneur friends who have created their website using the WordPress platform, and always ask me questions when something goes terribly wrong. The first question I ask is, “Did you keep your backend updated on a weekly basis?” You can almost guess the answer is always, “No!”

When building a WordPress website, you must keep in mind that WordPress always has major updates to their software. Your theme will need to be updated from time to time, and your plugins need to be updated on we weekly basis. If you ignore updating your backend, you can risk your site breaking and not being viewable by your clients. With so many major updates, WordPress theme and code developers can introduce new features, security, and big fixes to backend code that will keep your website up to date.

Let’s say you install WordPress 5.0 and miss important updates 6.0 – 8.0, and your site plugins stop working because those plugins were supposed to be updated with every major WordPress update. I have even run into some sites where the person would keep the WordPress backend software updated but forgot to update the plugins. In result of this, after updating the plugins all at once, the site broke. To resolve this issue, we had to deactivate each plugin to see which plugin was no longer compatible with their WordPress theme.

Once we found the plugin, we had to find another plugin that literally did the same functionality to replace the bad plugin that would no longer work, and also go through the 30-page website and delete all the old short code. During this trouble shooting, there was one time the site completely went offline, and we could not login through the browser. My friend had no knowledge of how to get to her website’s server and would have been out of luck if she had no help. I literally had to go to the hosting server and find the website’s theme folder, then delete one plugin folder at a time and refresh the site after each deletion. Her website finally came back online after doing this final troubleshoot.

At A3 Media, we take the time to make sure all plugins are up to date on a weekly basis, and all WordPress system software updates are checked daily to avoid the inevitable. We know the importance of making sure our background code and system are always healthy. We can always assure that our clients are able to simply go to our site for all of their business needs. Using WordPress has made it easy for our company to manage content keeping all of the latest media trends updated throughout our sites. Multiple people from our team are able login to the backend and manage the content, while our developer can make sure everything from the WordPress theme, software, and plugins are always up to date.

Written by:
Arielle Adams
Digital Media & Graphic Designer