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One of the main reasons why people are so drawn to podcasts is the relationship they have with the host(s). While listening to the episode, a listener can really dial in to the host and their content, and over time they build a sense of familiarity with them. Making it easier when it comes to advertising during the episodes, the person consuming the content is more likely to listen to the ad in full and make a purchase based off the ad they hear on their favorite show. Reported by Business Insider, 55% of podcast listeners pay attention to the ads, which is 10% more than listeners of radio. While that larger number is listening, they are also converting. Convince & Convert have recently reported that 54% of podcast consumers say they think about buying a product advertised on the shows they listen to. What comes into your decision should be the genre of podcasts your ads are airing on. Music Oomph has reported a lift in sales from 7-13% across different genres. The ads are working, but should you focus on Host read or dynamic insertion.

            It’s no secret that when the host reads the advertisement on the show, it’s easier to listen to. They typically can tie the ad into the show in some way or are professional enough that the reading of the ad is a smooth transition from the content. The problem with host read is scale. The industry is growing at an alarming rate, advertising dollars are flowing in, and brands and agencies are chomping at the bit to get a piece. Host read ads typically work best with local/indie shows if you are trying to reach a niche direct audience, or a national show where you want to reach the entire USA. For a client, whose nowhere near that size, dynamic insertion is their best option. Dynamic insertion is a prerecorded spot that is served to a consumer who fits the demo & targeting criteria. While the ad will not live on the show forever like a host read, if someone listens to an older episode of a show, a dynamically inserted ad can still be served.

            When considering dynamic insertion in podcast advertising, the creative needs to be just right. Radio ads typically have a salesy type feel to them, which works on that medium, but the mistake some advertisers do is use their radio spots on podcasting. Like mentioned early, podcast listeners have a relationship with the host, and if a salesy type of ad is served, it could come off as intrusive and turn them off from the product all together. By tailoring the creative to a natural, more organic feel, the ad can be positively received from the consumer.

            Host read & dynamic insertion are always going to be the main staple when it comes to podcast advertising, it all depends on the brand that wants to utilize podcasting. If you are a large national client, it may pay off to use host read ads and spend that extra part of your budget. If you are a mid-market to regional size brand, dynamic insertion is cost effective and allows you to reach a large number of users at scale, to make that inserted ad effective relies on the creative style of the ad. An organic, non salesy type ad will have a better reaction and be more receptive to the listener.