Strengthen Your Brand and Increase Sales with Storytelling

Mid-market tips for success

A gifted marketer, Seth Godin, once said “Marketing is no longer about the stuff you make but about the stories you tell.” He’s right. A brand is a matter of perception. It is how people feel about your brand and determines whether they will buy your product. Storytelling has the potential to make a big and lasting impact on your bottom line. For regional, mid-market brands, storytelling can provide you with the competitive advantage needed to compete with larger brands who typically remain generic and have larger advertising budgets.

Keys to great brand storytelling

The story unlocks our brain

All great stories make a quick and immediate connection in our brain. Therapists call that “narrative transportation.” It’s the state of losing yourself in the story so deeply that the character’s journey connects with the listener on a profound level. The more challenging the problem is, the more creative the solution must be, and thus the more interesting the story becomes. Once, that story becomes interesting to the reader or listener, you’ve made an immediate connection.

Identifying stories to tell

For a story to be compelling, it must be personal, and the most personal storylines are from your clients. With the customer as the main character, your company plays the supporting role swooping down like a superhero to solve their business woes. Concentrate on one or two clients as examples of the greatest success stories for your service or product. Highlight stories that demonstrate the needs of your target market and your unique ability to meet them. You can also use your own story about how your brand was born, what inspired you to create the company and what your personal mission is.

Tapping the most effective medium

While any medium can be used to tell a story, separate mediums tap into different areas of the brain, so stories must be tailored to fit. The key to success is knowing which story to tell in which medium. Short, snappy messages work best on television and radio while social media and online video are best for conversations, conferences and seminars.

In order to be a good storyteller, you must listen to your audience, so you can genuinely understand their desires and concerns, their beliefs and attitudes. You must continue to listen as your story unfolds so you can gauge the reactions of your audience. Let this help determine how your brand evolves. As your objectives and goals shift, you must plan new initiatives that propel the story forward and inspire renewed calls of action.

Emotion, authenticity and personal connections are the drivers to action. That’s what storytelling is all about. Used well and in the appropriate space, it can serve your company well in multiple ways.

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