Junior Media Planner & Buyer

The Life @ A3

Media agencies across the country come in various sizes, each have their own cultures. Some may have multiple offices around the country with thousands of employees, and others with one office and a handful of employees. Whatever the size of the agency, the distinct personality will shine through because of the executive staff and the employees that make up the heart of the organization. The culture of the agency is what’s key to keeping a healthy work environment for all. When I was looking to transition from my previous job, finding a company with a great culture and work environment was key. I wanted to find an agency that I could flourish with professionally and grow alongside the company. This led me to A3 Media.

For nearly 25 years, A3 Media has grown to represent more than 250 companies, launched new products and continues to do so, introduced national brands into new markets, and helped smaller local companies build on their success and become mid-market regional companies. A3 has had this success while remaining a boutique firm. A boutique agency is a smaller agency that has a handful of employees that focus on your brand/company, giving it individualized attention. This was a main attraction for me when accepting the offer to join A3, having a staff of less than 25 employees and a client list that they were able to fully invest their time and resources into. As a traditional & digital media agency, each employee has their own role, but is able to assist on other various projects that may differ from their expertise. As A3 was growing, they were looking to fill the role of a Jr. media planner & buyer to learn each specific role in the traditional and digital departments, which I gravitated towards because I would be able to further myself professionally along with helping the company take on newer and bigger projects.

Larger agencies will have two separate departments: Media Planners, and Media Buyers. The media planner’s role is to maximize returns on advertising spend across the different media channels. Media planners will analyze data and use this information to create strategies so that the advertising will reach the right target audience in the most effective way possible. This entails them to keep up to date on the ever-changing media landscape, audience behavior, and how it will affect the bottom line going forward. A Media Buyer, too put it simply, buy the media space. Once a planner is finished their research, they will pass along a detailed plan to the buyer. The buyer will take this plan, and contact media reps from the mediums the planner put into the plan and begin to gather pricing and then negotiate price to get a buy in place. Why the buys are in place, the buyer in addition with the accounting team will monitor to make sure it runs successfully. Since A3 is a boutique agency, there are not two separate departments, you’re doing all the said work above of a planner and then taking that information and buying the media. Being able to learn and execute both positions has been ideal for myself, I enjoy researching the information and crafting a custom plan for our clients, and then putting that plan into place and watching my research come to life.

For me personally making the transition to A3 Media was the right move for me professionally for a multitude of reasons. The boutique aspect is something that I believe has been very beneficial to myself. I’ve been able to get one on one training and hands on experience with current projects, which has taught me on the fly and how to handle different scenarios. Each person in our office handles a different aspect of the company, so coming in and learning each one of the different mediums and how to successfully plan and buy them, will only help make the agency work more efficiently.