Brave Web Browser Gains Momentum

The Brave web browser is a Chromium built browser launched back in 2016. It was built in partnership with blockchain technology and Ethereum cryptocurrency to not only block advertising from malware and bots, but also exchange payment for users viewing ads.

How it works:

Brave creates ad “catalogs,” and uses machine learning to tailor your ad experience based on which ads you view and interact with, thus cutting out the middleman between advertisers and users. The model is entirely opt-in, meaning these ads will be disabled by default. The ads you view will be converted into Brave’s cryptocurrency, Basic Attention Tokens (BAT), paid out to your Brave wallet monthly. Users get a 70 percent cut of the revenue they generate, and Brave and advertiser split the rest. Brave’s approach to advertising is innovative because it allows users to choose how many ads they would like to see per hour (none, one, or five, for example).”

Brave has a strong anti-advertising mission. The browser does not block ads within its search results. It blocks them on websites the user goes to. But the browser does not block all advertisements, just those it detects as adware or malicious”.

Surviving Impending Internet Privacy Laws:

Brave has been steadily worked on by developers and holds the promise of surviving the GDPR impending laws. “Perhaps most importantly, with GDPR in place for more than a year and CCPA and other state privacy laws in the works, advertisers and platforms are less likely to get sued. Brave’s rewards for users also provide another example of how blockchain can support progressive business transactions. The company’s Basic Attention Token, built on the Ethereum blockchain, is the medium of exchange in its digital ad marketplace”.

Recent advancements include becoming mobile ready.

Privacy-first browser Brave is expanding its digital advertising program to mobile devices. People interested in Brave can now use it on Android devices in addition to desktop.

What Can You Spend BAT on?

Many companies accept Ethereum as payment, a few being: Mastercard, Samsung, Toyota, Intel and Microsoft. If you do not wish to spend your cryptocurrency there is a good chance leaving it sit for a bit will allow that value to grow, much like a stock investment.

A3 Media is a continued blockchain partner with Lucidity in developing transparent technology within the digital ad space. We look forward to watching more advancements happen this year utilizing blockchain technology between consumers and advertisers.