A3 Media Welcomes Arielle Adams To Its Family

As a child Arielle always saw the world as a mysterious place full of art, and adventure.  When only a small child her parents often took her and her two sisters to amusement parks.  She adored these parks so much, that she drew her own parks on paper, and would scan them to her computer. 

Little did she know this was the start of her career.

Arielle is a graduate of The Art Institute in Nashville, where she studied Interactive Media and Web Development and then moved back home to Memphis. After graduating, Arielle worked as an Instructional Designer for Service Masters.  Then spent the next four years at Thyssenkrupp Elevators where she was a Graphic Designer and became Leader of the Charity and Events Committee. Most recently, Arielle managed and completed the largest internal web coding and build-out in FedEx history.

She’s been in the church choir since she was a young girl and had participated in the National Church Youth Conference Pageants as a teenager. She is now a Church Counselor and a Pageant Coach and helps many youths find their talents and grow their confidence when it comes to performing in front of crowds of 300 or more. 

“I love working with the youth and letting them always know their voice always counts”, said Arielle.

Arielle loves art and design, but her three biggest passions are her faith, her family and singing.

“I’m the type of person who use to always want to find herself, until I decided that it was time to create myself instead.

Arielle will be a great addition to the A3 and M3 Family. Her duties will include managing the creative elements, web design, coding and final development of their new “Guaranteed ROI Advertising Apps”.

“Everyone at A3 is happy to welcome Arielle to our work family”, said Frank Gussoni, President of A3 & M3 Media. “Her personality and talents will be a perfect fit for us as we move into a new realm of advertising.”